With cross country being one of the most followed and most participated forms of running in the UK among non-track running activities, we are highly focused on providing our readers with details on how to train for cross country. We also provide information on various other forms of athletics in the UK.

Athletic Clubs

Athletic clubs are situated all over the UK and provide various services in being able to use facilities for track running, exercising, and more. Some clubs only operated running in the city in parks as well as parks. We provide information to our readers on where to find the most popular running clubs in the UK and what to expect when joining them.

Find all relevant information about running and athletics clubs in the UK with a focus on the street running, track running, and cross country.

Marathons and Competitions

Marathons are hosted in both small and large formats throughout the UK. We are dedicated to providing our readers with information on what to expect from the most popular marathons and athletics competitions and events in the UK. Visit Sneyd Striders for more details on marathons and competitions focused on athletics in the UK.

Marathons bring runners and athletic people together to share a passion for running sports.

Membership and Training

With athletics, whether professional, amateur, or just enjoying it for the means of being a healthier human being, training is always needed and stands as an important part of athletics. Most

Sneyd Striders Magazine is dedicated to keeping its readers up to date on all the latest athletics news and advice, as well as where to find the most popular marathon events to take part in. We also provide details on large athletics events and competitions taking place in the UK.

With athletics becoming more popular throughout the world, many people are starting to use cross country running and street running as a way to stay healthy and fit.