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How to Improve Your Cross-Country Running

Cross Country running is extremely demanding. Together with its challenging nature, all runners need to be able to change their diets and daily activities to improve performance and comfort when running.

Follow these tips on how to improve beginner difficulty in cross country.

Join a Club

By joining a club, it is easy to have your motivation build up and to get inspired by teammates to improve. Other than the motivation, members of running clubs usually get a chance to attend the most popular marathons and races in groups.


We hate to say it matters what products you are using, but it does affect your performance. All cross-country runners need to invest in proper gear that will not only last and protect the runner but also provide comfort while running. By investing in proper trail shoes, you will immediately be surprised at the increase in performance in comfort while running.

Positivity / No Fear

Positivity is one of the most important traits needed to be successful in cross country. Without a positive mindset, everything will go wrong. Cross country is all about dirt, mud, rocks, and uneven surfaces. You don’t want to get injured or fall way behind the team. Joining a reputable running club can greatly improve positivity toward running.

Practice and Workouts

Practising is extremely important and should be part of your daily life. Simply running when going to meet up with the running club is not enough. Practising need to be done frequently and not only with running but also with other physical exercises to improve muscle strength and overall fitness.

Follow a Healthy Diet

Following a healthy diet is important in life and not only if you are running cross country. But if you are running cross country, the wrong diet can be slowing you down. A diet should include complex carbohydrates with low to medium glycaemic indexes such as whole-wheat ingredients, lentils, beans, fruits, and vegetables. Oily or high in five foods are not recommended.

By following the advice in this article, you will be able to improve performance and comfort when doing cross-country running regularly. There are many ways to get the best possible results. Becoming more fit and having more stamina to endure a full cords country run is important, but for competitions, it is vital to run the same route that the competition will be using.