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Upcoming UK Marathons

Throughout the UK, there are plenty of trail runs and marathons to take part in for an exciting and thrilling run that will challenge your stamina and endurance.

This list provides details on the most popular marathons taking place in the UK each year with great attendance and spirit.

Join any of the marathons on this list for the ultimate running experience.

Exmoor Trail Events Marathon – 30 July – Aller ford, Somerset

The Exmoor Trail Events Marathon happening on the 30th of July in Aller ford stands as an ultra, full, half, and 12k marathon designed to challenge each runner wishing to take part. This trail run marathon in Exmoor is a thrilling adventure ending in the Honicote Estate with beautiful scenery.

Running Grand Prix – 7 August – Little Budworth, Cheshire West

The Running Grand Prix marathon starts in Little Budworth and ends in Oulton Park Autodrome. Stands as an extremely popular marathon to run. There are different activities available in the marathon to suit all abilities, from novice runners and professionals. The 5k and 10k races taking place during the marathon are popular among locals and runners travelling from far to attend.

Causeway Coast Marathon – 24 September – Portballintrae, Causeway

Causeway Coast Marathon is one of the most scenic marathons in the world. The stunning route which is run goes through beaches, bays, and cliffs with hundreds of runners attending. Whether you are an intermediate runner, a professional, a newly established or top-performing club, or just love scenic views and nature, this marathon is the place to be. The event will bring 3 options for runners to attend, including a half, full, and ultra-marathon.

The Chelmsford Marathon – 16 October – Chelmsford, Essex

The Chelmsford Marathon and Half Marathon will be running for its 7th year in Chelmsford. This event is speculated to be the biggest and best version of the marathon yet as it leaves Chelmsford and leads into the Essex Countryside. With over 1000 runners joining the marathon, it’s an epic and thrilling race with a lively atmosphere. Take part either in the half or full marathon.

With the stunning scenery and the wholesome atmosphere experienced during these marathons, it might become an annual event for you to attend and take part in. Experience fun, challenging, competitive, yet friendly marathons in the UK.