Sneyd Striders Magazine is dedicated to keeping its readers up to date on all the latest athletics news and advice. With athletics becoming more popular throughout the world, many people are starting to use cross country running and street running to stay healthy and fit.

As a magazine with a focus on athletics that is taking place, particularly in the UK, we are constantly looking for more writers to join our team of writers in coming up with new topics and writing informative articles around athletics.

With the passion and dedication that athletics fans are showing towards the sports, we are serious about providing information that is true and honest. With our constant search for new writers to join the magazine, we are looking for writers who will stick to our focus of providing readers with reputable information.

If you believe that you are capable of writing informative and true articles with facts about athletics in the UK, you can contact us on our contact page for more information about how you can get involved with Sneyd Striders Magazine.

All possible candidates will need to go through our examinations to prove their abilities in the English language. We are dedicated to only hiring writers with knowledge and experience in athletics in the UK.

If you believe you are capable of writing information articles for our magazine, you can get in contact with us for more details on how to join our writing team. All applicants will need to be able to accept responsibility for the information they are writing about and use facts that are not only true but dedicated to athletics that are specifically taking place in the UK.

With athletics being part of many championships and events throughout the world, all writers will be requested to attend local UK events to properly inform readers of the happenings of the event.