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Most Popular Athletics Sports to Bet on

Betting on athletics is not just about putting your money on the Olympics. There are many different types of athletics activities and events to bet on. The sports on this list are among the most popular athletics sports among sports bettors in the UK.

These are the most popular athletic activities to bet on.

Track and Field

Track and Field events take place inside stadiums or university athletics fields. These events are hosted on fields with a running track and a grass field in the middle, which is used for other athletic activities such as jumping and throwing. The most popular time to bet on track and field events is during the Olympics.

Cross Country

Cross country events take place all over the UK, with many people interested in either betting on the sport or taking part in the runs. With cross-country running, there is no smooth surface, such as with track n field. The runs are done over gravel, grass, and uneven surfaces. Being between 4-12km in length, these races are extremely competitive and provides an exciting betting experience.

Trail Running

Trail running is another type of athletics running which doesn’t take place in a stadium or a dedicated road surface. Trail running can be hosted anywhere with various types of roads and gravel. Betting on trail running can be fun if you enjoy unexpected results from runners.

Road Running

Road running is categorised into 5k, 10k, marathons, and half marathons. These are the four most common road running events and can be bet on in the UK. Road running is a challenging athletics activity which includes speed and stamina enough to run at least 5 and 42 kilometres.

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