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Types of Bets in Athletics

Within athletics, there are various activities to bet on, including running, jumping, and weight pushing, but it’s not just about what you are betting on, as the type of bet you make can either make you win or lose.

To Qualify

Before a major championship such as the Olympics takes place, some teams first need to qualify. Some bettors are eager to bet on which athletes they believe will get through the qualifying rounds as it’s seen as easier than betting on who might win a final round. Although the qualified gets not as lucrative, it can provide various interesting betting opportunities to make use of.

Win the Event

This is one of the most lucrative bets to try on reliable online sportsbooks such as bet-target.org, as it can bring good pay-outs when your selected athlete wins the whole event. This bet works in a simple manner of betting on the athlete or country you believe will be winning a specific event.

To Win a Medal

This is the perfect bet for those who are passionate about a certain athlete or country they believe will be taking home a medal. By betting on who would win a medal, it doesn’t matter whether they end in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place. As long as they win a medal, you will have a winning bet.

Set a World Record

World records are what the Olympics are all about, and it’s the biggest athletics championships in the world. A world record win bet can be an extremely lucrative bet. Betting on known world-record holders is a great choice in betting for a world record.

These bets can prove to be entertaining and pose a thrilling experience for any gambler.