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Running Clubs in London

Running is not just about the track or going cross country. Joining a running club to run through various locations is one of the most athletic activities you can take part in.

The clubs on this list are all dedicated to providing their members with a chance to meet other runners and stay athletically active without going through the effort of having to go to a track or cross country.

Track Life LDN

Track Life LDN is a club full of professionals who can guide anybody in the right direction on their fitness journey. The club is active on Mondays at Battersea Park in London, and all members are guided by Rory Knight, Omar Mansour, Emma Kirk Odunubi, and Tashi Skervin-Clarke. They allow runners of all abilities to join them in running certain lengths and time trails.

Tribe Tempo

Tribe Tempo is a health brand that started a running club for those interested in running the streets or tracks in London. The running sessions take place throughout London at different routes each week. The running sessions are free when visiting for the first time. After the first time, a charity payment needs to be made.

Run Dem Crew

Run Dem Crew is a community-based London group of runners founded by Charlie Dark. The main reason behind starting the club was to encourage more people to run. The crew exchanges ideas about where to run in the city of London. By joining this club, you will be running in a different location each week. The club runs every Tuesday at 7om at the specific location chosen for the week.

Pure-sport Free Run Club

Pure-sport Free Club started as a lockdown run club. The club is now led by elite runners on Strava and is an in-person club working from Battersea Park. The club has a dedication to their club members and presents its services in Victoria Park in East London and Bristol as well.

These running clubs are all active throughout London and provide athletes and casual runners with a chance to stay active and fit. With over seven million runners recorded in the UK before the Covid Pandemic, all reputable clubs are full of excitement and people who are passionate about running.